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Brock Behrman

As a lacrosse trainer in the Long Island area, I have become a well-known and respected coach. After training with athletes across the Island, I developed my own unique and effective teaching methods. I focus on providing athletes with the tools they need to play at the highest level. Sharpening skills through fundamentals and high paced drills pushes my athletes to strive to be the best lacrosse players they can be. My philosophy on getting as many game-like reps as possible, allows for athletes to improve their game and prepare them to compete against the best. Become A Champion!


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Kristen Drake


"I highly recommend Brock’s sessions. First, he is a polite and charming young man-which makes it super pleasant. He is easy with scheduling time; easy when we had to switch the schedule; and Venmo makes it convenient. Finn enjoyed his trainings and came out with a stronger shot and more confident dodge. Brock became a friend and mentor to Finn over the months we trained."

Drew Peters

Westhampton Beach Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach

"Brock trained some of our local and travel boys this past summer. The boys instantly made a connection with Brock due to his great personality. What impressed me the most about Brock was how technical he was in his instruction during the trainings. For such a young player, Brock’s IQ and ability to teach is extremely advanced. As a coach, I saw the carry over from the trainings being implemented by our players during our games."

Justin Blair


“Brock is a fantastic coach who embodies the ‘connect then correct’ approach to teaching. He is a truly transformational coach with an extraordinary grasp of the game of lacrosse and an equally impressive ability to break down and explain what would ordinarily be pretty complex movements. My son has played lacrosse for 8 years but his time with Brock this past summer was a game changer.”

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